Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, the last time I was up here, things were much different. I am now back in my home state, heavier than I ever have been, and slowly approaching age 40 (next year). This is truly my last chance to do anything about myself. I have battled depression and major life changes in the past year. I now view things a little differently. I see this next year as what could be the biggest year of my life. (1) On September 3, 2011 I will turn 40 and I want several things to happen; (2) I am trying to amp up my prayer life; (3) I am hoping to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in August of 2011; (4) I NEED to lose 150 pounds before September 3, 2011 -- it is now or never!

How will I ever get this much accomplished? Well, I intend to stop all volunteer work and much of the television watching so I can effectively complete my schoolwork in a timely manner. Also, I will attempt to push myself to keep a schedule and to make God my number ONE priority and exercise my number TWO priority. I figure if I love myself, then I will in turn love my family and they will love me more for it. It will take a lot of effort because for the first time ever all FIVE of us will be in school. I have one week to get us organized and ready for this new mode. I need much prayer and concentration.