Tuesday, January 21, 2014


No. I refuse to believe that things can't change. I have often tried to change certain aspects of myself or my family with no regard to their own personalities or what God is choosing to do in their lives despite me. Well, no more! This is a new start, a new beginning, a new set of eyes are upon this new chapter. It is no longer about how clean or messy the house is or how much weight I have or have not lost; rather, it is what God is seeing when I react or am proactive to what is going on around me. How can I teach my children how to behave or how to truly follow God if I am not showing the same picture? How can I get mad at them judging me, when I judge them by the same standards? No more. No more guilt. No more frustration. No more judgment. Things ARE different. VERY different than they have ever been. A new set of circumstances is upon me. Everyone is waiting to see how I react. Will I over-dramatize like usual? Probably, it is after all in my nature. But that does not mean I cannot conquer it. 2014 will be my family's year and it has already started.

The Positives:
-Lee and I both were blessed with new jobs at the end of 2013.
-We moved into a new house in December 2013 that is bigger than anything we have EVER been in.
-Chris and Jamie have adjusted well to their new schools.
-We have a new puppy.
-The house has stayed relatively clean since we have been there. Staying on top of a home that has enough space to keep everything organized has been great and is easier than what we had before.
-We have been able to initiate a budget and pretty much stay on task.
-Food is not as big of an obstacle as before.
-GOD IS FOREMOST ON MY MIND. (This is the biggest one)

-Both of our dads have found someone that they can share their time with.
-Jim has jumped leaps and bounds from where he was last June.
-Beth Ann is pregnant again (and we got to see Ara on their visit to the states)
-Mom has sold her house.

The Negatives:
I miss Geoffry. We had to leave him behind to finish high school. Our family dynamic is different.
There are still those who refuse to see the light of Jesus in their lives.

Yes. This will be a different kind of year. I am blessed by the best. Thank you God for your shower of blessings.