Monday, February 23, 2015

Well, Here is my update:

I am feeling so good! I remember the Frosted Flakes commercials with Tony the Tiger saying "They're GREAT!!!". That is how I feel. I am down to 218. I haven't been this weight for over 19 years. Exercise is something that I want to do now. I don't even really dread it. Zumba was fun this morning and when I get home I will do my weights and more cardio and strength training. I feel alive. God is teaching me the value of caring for myself so that I can be of value to Him and my family. 

Speaking of family:

Lee is doing well. He is helping me by being my cook and telling me how good I look, plus he started a challenge for himself today so we can do this together.

Chris is slowly turning into a man. He cut his hair this past weekend and it looks Marine-like. He looks so grown and is doing well and serving in the church.

Jamie is okay. She has been sick for a while, but I think she is just fine especially when her "attitude" comes to play. She is still sweet as ever and tries to help when she can. We sang for some nursing home residents yesterday and she played her guitar.

Kobi is still very active.

Penny is growing more and more.

Geoffry and Becca: They will get married and have a baby in August, so even though I was thinking I was too young to be a grandmother, we are eagerly awaiting this precious baby. Pray that Geoffry will quickly find a job.