Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First Book Review

I am new to the blogging for books world and so far it is treating me VERY well. I enjoyed this book very much. In the beginning it was a little hard to grasp who the characters were and what roles they played, however as I continued reading the story began to unfold. At first it seems like a ordinary romance story but when delving forward, I began to notice a mystery that the heroine has to get to the bottom of to understand her family. It is a tale of love in hardships and the threat of losing love during a time of war and secrets due to Jewish heritage. All of the characters were well played and the ending left me wanting more from the story. I am not truly happy that I have to wait until 2016 for the sequel, however I know that it will be well worth the wait. Hillary Manton Lodge has proven herself to be an inspired fiction writer and I look forward to reading more from her. 



I received this book from 
Blogging for Books for this review.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trying new things

Well...I did it. I am finally venturing out in matter of food and I wanted to share this recipe with you. It turned out SOOOOO good! Here is the link to more post bariatric surgery recipes:

Zucchini Boat Recipe

  • 4 medium zucchini
  • 1 pound ground turkey breast
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • ½ lbs sliced mushrooms
  • 1 large tomato— diced
  • 3/4 cup spaghetti sauce
  • 1/4 cup seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded low fat mozzarella cheese

  1. Cut zucchini in half lengthwise; cut a thin slice from the bottom of each with a sharp knife to allow zucchini to sit flat.
  2. Scoop out pulp, leaving 1/4-in. shells. Set pulp aside.
  3. Place shells in an ungreased 3-qt. microwave-safe dish. Cover and microwave on high for 3 minutes or until crisp-tender; drain and set aside.
  4. In a large skillet, cook ground turkey and onion over medium heat until meat is no longer pink; drain. Remove from the heat.
  5. In a large bowl mix together zucchini pulp, beaten egg, spaghetti sauce, bread crumbs, mushrooms, tomato, salt, pepper, 1/2 cup cheese, and cooked ground turkey.
  6. Spoon about 1/4 cup mixture into each shell.
  7. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.
  8. Bake uncovered for 20 minutes at 350ยบ F or until brown.

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS PER SERVING (1 zucchini boat or 1/8 recipe):Total Calories: 195
Total fat: 7.5g
Saturated Fat: 3g
Sodium: 294 mg
Total carbohydrates: 16g
Dietary Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 17.5g

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Numbers Are Moving!

Well, the numbers are slowly moving again! Today's weight = 180 pounds. Unbelievable. I don't even know how to process this.

I have lost 150 pounds to date since December 2013. BMI down from 58.5 to 31.9. Only 35 pounds to goal weight. I really never thought I would see even this amount gone. A year ago I was on track to lose 50 pounds before surgery. I wish my friends, family, and supporters knew how much they have truly helped me through this journey. I love you all. God has brought me here. He has been transforming me into the woman he created me to be and that is fabulous! What a gift to work along side my Saviour and friends to strengthen my character and body into a spiritual, physical, and emotional warrior. 74.25 inches off of my body since September of 2014. My year anniversary is coming at the end of September. I am hoping to be at goal weight in 72 days. I may make it. That is only 3.5 pounds per week on average. If I don't, I am still over the moon excited about where I am today.

Now my focus is on getting my house baby-ready in the next couple of weeks. Marcus Allan Modlin will be making his debut within that time. His due date is August 9, however he has been already giving his mother a hard time so I doubt it will be that long. We will see. Babies come when they want to come. I am still not sure if I am ready for this grandparent thing. I can't very well spoil him and then send him home - he will already live here. Oh well, ready or not...he is coming soon!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Trying on new clothes

So today I had some time to kill, so I decided to window shop. I have not tried on clothes for a very long time. I have no idea how to fit this new body. I still have a ways to go and more working out to do to refine, but I have no idea what looks good or how to shop for me. When you have children, they come first and shopping for clothes always comes to them first. That is just the way it is and no mother or father ever regrets it being that way. So as I was trying on clothes, I went to a couple of places that were not they typical buy it because it is a bargain places. I started picking up pieces that I truly liked and then proceeded to try them on. I was pleasantly surprised at the sizes I was able to get into. Some things just didn't fit right and looked funny on me so I put them back. As I went to another store, I found even more that I liked. I found jeans that looked good on me. I tried on several dresses and found one that fit me perfectly. It was the first time EVER that I put on something that made me say this was MADE FOR ME. Sadly, I didn't purchase anything because it would not have been a wise purchase for me to pick up seeing as how I have just been laid off work for a temporary time. I hope to go back and find it there waiting for me. If not, it was not meant to be, but it was definitely made for me and it fit me like a glove. This was a great experience for me not just in making me feel good, but because it was the first time in a long time I was able to shop for me by myself and take the time to invest in myself. Make no mistake, this is an important step in the journey. Whether your journey is weight related, spiritually related, change of life related, whatever your journey...take time for yourself to realize how special you are and how wonderfully you were made in your mother's womb. God created us all specifically with a purpose and individual in talent and uniqueness. Celebrate his awesome creation by celebrating yourself and all you have to offer.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Horizontal Stripes? YES!

Well, today I did it. I wore horizontal stripes AND sleeveless! I don't really remember the last time IF EVER that I can say it happened. I was so excited because I have been looking at this dress for several months now and Friday it was on clearance for $4.00! That is my kind of deal. I couldn't pass it up. It fit me so good, in fact that I actually fit into a Medium but went for the large because it was longer. I felt so confident in it. I don't know how it looked but my husband said I looked Audrey Hepburn cute. I may even go out and cut my hair that short too this coming week. We'll see. Yes I did and it felt great!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Strange New Day

I am starting my day off kind of strangely. I got up as usual, washed my face, brushed my teeth, took my vitamin, ate breakfast. Then...nothing. No work today. I have been temporarily laid off. There's absolutely nothing they could do about it. Until our governor signs the state budget, I will continue to be laid off. I am glad the government will be able to continue to get paid. I would hate it for "them" if they had to go without for a while. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we will go without. God has graciously always provided for us and I don't expect him to stop now. We will be taken care of, it will just be tight for a while. Anyways, I will act like I am working and take care of the behind housework and church work that I have to do. I will play with my children and teach them this summer that we can still have fun on a budget. I will spend quality time with my handsome husband. Most importantly, I will spend time with God reflecting and learning about him and myself. I will miss my co-workers, but hopefully it won't be for long.
Update on weight loss journey:

I am at a plateau right now so I will readjust and keep moving. I am happy with myself and all I have accomplished with God's help. I am thankful for all the support from family and friends. But I will push on and try to lose the remaining weight I have. I have 3 months until my yearly checkup and 43 pounds to go until my goal weight. I can do this.

Family update:

Lee and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

Chris is leaving the boy scouts (not for him).

Jamie will start soccer soon.

Geo and Becca will welcome Marcus Allan Modlin into the world in about a month.