Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Update

Okay, so I haven't posted in a little while. I thought I would bring you up to date with how things are going for me. I am doing so-so with my eating. It is still hard for me to venture out in terms of trying new things because I don't enjoy cooking at all. I will have to say that today is the happiest with food I have been as of yet. We found a home cooking grill to eat at for lunch and I would go so far as to say it was the best plate of liver and onions I have ever had and that is saying something because as a Southerner, that is one thing that we get right. This was so fresh and made just right. Anyways, I am getting my snacking back under control better. I am now down to 175 pounds...a loss of 155 pounds since December of 2013 and a loss of 105 pounds since surgery last September. My doctor is happy and most importantly, I am happy. I still have a ways to go. My original goal weight was 145, although "normal weight" for my body frame and size is 130. I wouldn't know what to think if I got down to 130. I am finally comfortable in my body and can enjoy wearing clothes and shopping again. I was fortunate to have very kind family members who gave me almost a new wardrobe when we visited NC a couple of weeks ago. FYI...if you want a good workout, try stacking wood. I feel like I did about 1000 squats and lunges. 

Family status update:

I lost my job due to lack of state budget and restructuring of programs. I am still upset about it because I don't really want to start over but it is how it is when working with non-profits. I will start a job at KMart on Tuesday. Not my ideal job, but I will be thankful for something until I can find something more permanent. I have put my resume out there to many places and will take more civil service tests in December so hopefully it won't take too long. I wish I could say money didn't matter because I know in the long run, it doesn't but taking a 50% pay cut and going back into public customer service is a disappointment.

Lee is still being blessed every week by a congregation that loves and supports him. I am blessed to have the love of such a man.

Christopher is doing alright in school and still continues in Boy Scouts. He is getting taller by the minute and is already asking about finding a job even though he is just shy of 15.

Jamie still struggles with medical issues. We have determined that she has an imbalance of Seretonin in her stomach which was causing her stomach pains. Hopefully the new medication will help tremendously with this. The doctor does not seem to think that it has anything to do with what she is or is not eating. She asks almost every day why God gave her severe eczema. I hope one day soon He will show her how sharing her story can help others.

Geoffry, Becca, and Marcus moved back to NC a couple of weeks ago. They are happier there and I will be happy for them no matter how much I miss that baby.

Kobi and Penny are still doing okay.