Friday, November 7, 2014

 I feel good today. I fit into a size 20 jeans this morning. That is down from a size 26. Three sizes!!!! What an amazing feeling. On top of that, my doctor has cut my blood pressure medicine in half and if I start feeling strange again, I can stop completely. I can't always wear my CPAP mask at night anymore either because I find that it is too much to breathe.  I am still finding not enough time to do my fitness plan as I would like. I guess I need to just stop trying to plan and just do it.

Family update:
Lee is writing a novella and doing well.
Geoffry is starting his new job today.
Chris is still enjoying Boy Scouts.
Jamie started Girl Scouts this week and loves it.
Becca is getting adjusted and has been a great help to me.
Kobi, well he is still a puppy and still growing.

*Can't wait to go to the Eastern Christian Convention next weekend with my family.