Monday, February 13, 2017

Getting a Restart

Okay. Ready. Set. Restart.

I have been majorly slack in many areas in my life.


Spiritually speaking, I have not been diligent in my walk with God. I talk to Him, but I don't take it the many other steps that I need to take to be truly close to Him. I was very moved and convicted hearing my husband preach yesterday. He has been talking about the ACTS method of prayer.
A - Adoration
C - Confession
T - Thanksgiving
S - Supplication
I was particularly moved by what he said about how we are "too busy" to get to God or to our families for that matter. He used an example of how he may sit down first thing in the morning with good intentions of having a daily devotional time with God, but looking at one email or taking the dog for a walk or helping others get ready in the mornings or checking one status on Facebook can distract us from our true purpose. Those things are not bad in and of themselves, but if we are trying to set aside time for God, why don't we fully commit? Thanks Lee. I am restarting my walk with God with fresh eyes. Day One of my recommitment to God.

Mentally speaking, I have not been faithful to myself. I get overloaded with everything going on that I have not mentally taken care of myself, therefore I am over-stressing and making myself inaccessible to my family. I often feel alone and isolated because I don't have anyone I trust to take everything (God and my husband is the two exceptions). I do have one special lady who is available for me to talk to, but I haven't been able to make "close" friends anywhere I have been. I have a handful of friends with whom I would consider lifetime friends, but they are not in close proximity to me and it is not always easy in ministry to find trust in people. Don't get me wrong, I love my church family. They take care of my family and they love us unconditionally, but it is different than having a close friend to confide in and have fun with. Day One of my recommitment to self.

Physically speaking, I have completely forsaken my body and the hard work I put in all those months ago. I lost 160 pounds, felt great, and finally felt comfortable with my body (excess skin aside). I still felt like I could lose another 25-30 pounds, but now I have gone in the opposite direction. I am 30 pounds heavier instead and I can tell a difference. I am not unhappy, but I know better and I know what I have to do to get back in my "healthy mindset." Stress and circumstances have sent me spiraling into the unhealthy void. Well, no more! Several weeks ago, I started a free fit club at our church, in the hopes to have others to be accountable to. So far, there is four of us that meet every Saturday morning to "walk" inside the sanctuary. As of today, I WILL take back charge of what I put in my mouth and stop mindlessly eating. I will remind myself daily that today's choices equals next month's body. What can I do to move more, eat less, and feel better each day? It is up to me. Day One of my recommitment to my body.

Family Update:

Lee and I are still going strong and will celebrate 26 years of marriage this June.
Chris is quickly reaching his dad's height and is becoming a responsible young man.
Jamie still struggles with health issues, but is turning into a beautiful young lady.

Geoffry, Becca, and Marcus have moved back in with us and Geoffry's new job is going really well. Thanks to all who have prayed for them and their journey. We are beyond excited that we are getting to see more of Marcus.

Pet Status:
Kobi - Still our biggest baby (Thinks he is still a puppy)
Penny - Has become more sociable since we added another cat.
Katniss - Our first new addition. She is loud and gives Penny something to do and Kobi something to bark at.
Finally, Midnight - Our newest addition and our basement cat. He was neighbor's cat and was unable to make the journey with their move so he moved into our basement this winter.