Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reaching An All New Low

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I have started moving again. Now if I don't lose anymore most know that I am completely okay with that and am extremely proud of how much I have accomplished. I am 26 pounds from my goal weight which is 145 and what I weighed when I got married 25 years ago. I am within a pound of being reclassified in BMI of being "overweight" versus being "obese" and within 30 pounds from being considered "normal". I don't remember now what I was because I have a new normal. I remember being unhappy and not knowing which direction my family or I were headed. What a journey this has been. I am still learning that I can't give in to cravings because it makes me feel bad when I do. Not always but always the rule. 

I will start a new job in a week and a new diet of sorts at the same time. Those are not hard, just new beginnings. The hard part is making the decision every day of putting exercise among the most important "things to get done" everyday. I am still learning that any exercise is better than no exercise so yesterday I threw wood outside from one place to another and then threw it again in my basement from one place to stacking it. That took care of arms and legs. I would like to get back into walking and/or running slowly. It is cold right now and I don't want to go outside so I have walking DVDs that I can do, so no excuse.

This is my update. I am still missing my grandson terribly. My son and daughter in law are happier so I am happy for them. NC definitely agrees with them. Still no snow for us. Snow and ice for everyone else but none for us. I should be thankful that we are still functioning and have power. It would have been nice to see a little bit of the white stuff though.

Chris is growing taller by the minute. Jamie is still suffering with multiple medical issues. Please pray that we can find more answers for her and healing.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Reflection

-A New Year means something different to everyone. To me, it is a fresh start to do things right that I didn't get right last year. It means a new beginning to the life God created for me. It means greater opportunities in work, in my spiritual walk, in my family and friend relationships; and new goals set for myself spiritually, personally, and physically. As I reflect back on 2015, this is what I see that happened: I became more aware of God and his ability and grace to take care of me and my family. I witnessed the birth of my first grandchild, whom I miss terribly since he moved back to NC. I got to have a reunion of so many friends on a wonderful spirit-packed weekend. I defined my body more and lost a ton of weight ( I have lost 155 pounds to date since December of 2013-105 since my surgery in September of 2014). I didn't think it was possible to find more love, but I found more to love about my husband of 24 years. My children are for the most part happy and blessed. I was sad to see my oldest and his family move back to NC, but they are so much happier so I am pleased for them. I lost a wonderful job that I loved due to lack of state budget, but I know that God has a much bigger plan for me somehow and I just have to be patient in His timing for me.
-My goals for 2016 go something like this: I want to become more dependent on God and closer in relationship to Him. I want to become more physically fit as in I want to take my weight loss and define it more by taking workouts more seriously than before. I want to become more financially stable by finding a more secure job in my field and by making more sound financial decisions and paying off debt. I want to love my husband and children more by showing them what kind of wife and mother I can be, gentle in nature and demonstrating love not just speaking it.
-For anyone reading, I hope you have goals for yourself. We are not made perfect, but become perfect through Christ. Some goals we will never achieve, but we should never stop trying to achieve them because it strengthens our character and gives us purpose. Let us not forget our purpose for reaching the lost. We need more people on God's team. Don't forget to pray not only for our families, but also for our enemies. Finally, remember to love yourself. God loves you so much and so does your friends and family. You are worthy and are made whole by our Holy Father, our sacrificial lamb-Christ, and the Holy Spirit that guides us daily. I love you all.