Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Out of sorts but still doing fine

Well, I did my first 5K this past weekend. It was a mud run and lots of fun especially with our team. I plan on doing it again and would like to try more of that variety. I don't look forward to running in any but hiking like that would be great. I have reached a point in my journey where I am not exactly happy with myself and I know I shouldn't feel that way. Perhaps if I got out every day and walked like I was supposed to I would feel different. I wonder if anyone else gets to this point and when will I be happy enough with myself without beating myself up about it. I know how far I have come but I still look ahead to what I still want to accomplish. Is that wrong? And, if and when I reach that goal will it be enough for me then? Okay, moving on to updates.

Lee is still doing fine, although it seems as though I really don't get to talk with him much these days due to schedules and scouts and exhaustion.

Chris is still doing scouts and needs to get his butt in gear with his grades.

Jamie has been sick and had a bad reaction last week with her allergy shots. We are hoping it was just because her dose was upped and everything around here started blooming last week. We will try it again. I worry because she is still feeling bad every night and does not sleep because her stomach and head hurts. Pray that she will feel much better soon because I don't think her skin can take much more.

Biggest news:

Geoffry and Becca moved up here a couple of weeks ago and on Monday, May 4th, Lee had the privilege of marrying them so now we are looking forward to the birth of our grandson in August. 

Glad to have all of my family here.